Algiers, 22 March 2022 

The Algerian groups ASMIDAL (a subsidiary of SONATRACH) and MANAL on the one hand, the Chinese companies WUHUAN and TIAN’AN on the other hand, proceeded today in Algiers, to the signature of a Shareholders’ Agreement for the creation, in partnership, of a joint-stock company governed by the Algerian law in order to start preliminary activities related to the development of an integrated phosphates project (IPP). The new company called “الشركة الجزائرية الصينية للأسمدة – Algerian Chinese Fertilizers Company, by abbreviation ACFC » is 56% of shares owned by The Algerian part and 44% by the Chinese part.

Representing an investment of approximately seven (07) billion USD, the IPP is the first integrated project in Algeria in mining and fertilizers production field. It will include the development and exploitation of the phosphate deposit of Bled El Hadba, Djebel Onk, wilaya of TEBESSA, chemical transformation of phosphates in Oued Kébérit, wilaya of SOUK AHRAS, manufacture of fertilizers in Hadjar Soud, wilaya of SKIKDA, as well as dedicated port facilities located at the port of ANNABA.

Consequent to the project completion, the company will produce about 5.4 million tons of fertilizer per year.

The project will induce a significant socio-economic growth in the eastern region of the Country, mainly through the creation of approximately 12,000 jobs during construction phase and, in future, approximately 6,000 direct jobs and 24,000 indirect jobs during the operation phase.

The selection of the two Chinese partners results from an open call for expressions of interest launched by the Algerian part on May 2021.

The Fertilizers and Phytosanitary Products Industrial Group – ASMIDAL, was founded on September 1st, 1984, following the reorganization of SONATRACH Group.

Its portfolio consists of three (03) subsidiaries and four (04) shareholdings, specialized in the production, marketing and development of fertilizers, nutrients and phytosanitary products, in addition to industrial maintenance and training fields, as well as to surveillance and conveyor services. 
Manadjim Eldjazair Industrial Group – MANAL, was founded on February 16th, 2011 and has succeeded to the Shareholders Management Society SOMINE (a joint-stock company).

MANAL manages a portfolio of 10 subsidiaries and shareholdings specialized in the exploration, mining and quarrying, as well as the transformation, valorisation and trading of mining products.

Wuhuan Engineering Co. Ltd. is an international engineering company integrating technical research and development, engineering technology, engineering services and industrial operations. Since its foundation in 1958, WUHUAN has carried out more than 2000 engineering design projects and more than 100 turnkey projects in China and abroad. WUHUAN has acquired rich experiences in engineering design, procurement, construction and commissioning as well as operating and maintenance of fertilizer plants, such as phosphate fertilizers and nitrogen fertilizers, etc. WUHUAN has a world-wide references value in the field of phosphate chemical, coal and natural gas chemical industry and is already regarded as the most experienced and capable Chinese enterprise in this field.

Yunnan TIAN’AN Chemical Co. Ltd. is one of the most well-known nitrogen and phosphate fertilizers production company in China. TIAN’AN is highly experienced in fertilizer production management, and has a wide marketing network in the Chinese market, United States, Middle East and Southeast Asia, in addition to over then 10 000 franchisees and distributors worldwide.